• Thank you very much for the gentle taxi-service through Pierre last evening. Everything went perfect!

    Marlies Frey

  • We waren zeer tevreden over de manier van rijden en omgang met onze gasten van de chauffeur van 's middags. Met vriendelijke groet Adri

    Adri de Vrij

  • A most pleasant taxi/tour experience......great choice to use our limited time well to see & do much.....Mr. Smith has a personality that makes one feel comfortable and at ease in a strange setting......and finally the icing on the cake for us was a meticulously clean, smoke-free luxury auto

    Michael Clifford

  • I just wanted to say a quick thank you from all of us for your hospitality and great service. We really enjoyed meeting you and your guidance and suggestions made a big difference to our trip. It was so nice to have someone take charge when we landed and take away the stress of travel. By the end of the trip we felt like we were saying good-bye to a good friend. We will certainly recommend you to others and hope that we will meet again in a few years as we definitely are planning to come back.

    Margaret Brown

  • With 30-plus people in the wedding party, rehearsal dinner and celebratory brunch offsite, I needed ground transportation. I checked with Travel Advisor and contacted one of the board's suggestions. You offered me the best deal. As luck would have it, during our stay, we got stuck in traffic on the way to the restaurant and Mr. Smith, our tour guide, called the restaurant and let them know our situation. On Sunday, after the brunch, several of our guests had last minute plans and Mr. Smith made the necessary changes to accommodate. In short, Mr. Smith was fantastic, considerate and accommodating. He and his and crew are extremely professional and courteous and their vehicles were the nicest that we have traveled in all week.

    William R. Salzman